About the PROTECT Conference on Doing Business Amidst New Threats

PROTECT Conference on ‘Doing Business Amidst New Threats’

Over the years, the PROTECT conference series had anticipated the prevailing security threats for the year – from terrorism – to pandemics – to global financial crisis – to natural disasters – to cyber attacks – to disruptive technologies. We discussed Crisis Management and Business Continuity to overcome these threats.

In 2023, PROTECT will focus on the aftermath of the pandemic and the developments shaping the global security.

PROTECT 2023 is a trail-blazing event where stakeholders from all sectors and industry get to meet security specialists, think-tank experts and security enforcers. It is the only government-private sector partnership for security in the country.


September 28-29, 2023

New World Makati Hotel

Theme: After Covid 19, What's Next?

PROTECT 2023 Conference Background

The following developments are reshaping global security:

1. COVID 19 boosted Industry 4.0 by leaps and bounds beyond expectation. Technology innovations jumped from laboratories to the internet for public view to IOT, to AI, to practically almost everything in our daily lives. Business and Industry which before the pandemic were already gradually adapting to Industry 4.0 were swiftly driven to accelerate digitalization of business processes and endpoint mobility, expanding to cloud computing in order to meet the challenges posed by the pandemic.

2. The implications caused by the pandemic have strengthened biological threat capabilities

of state and non-state actors and has become a growing concern.

3. Recent nation-state attacks are especially concerning because they are well- funded, handled by highly capable individuals and beginning to aim at critical infrastructures. Against this backdrop, we will examine during the conference the most immediate threats faced by the world, and specifically how they impact on business and the economy.

Why Attend the PROTECT 2023 Conference?