About the PROTECT Conference on Doing Business Amidst New Threats

PROTECT Conference on ‘Doing Business Amidst New Threats’

Over the years, the PROTECT conference series had anticipated the prevailing security threats for the year – from terrorism – to pandemics – to global financial crisis – to natural disasters – to cyber attacks – to disruptive technologies. We discussed Crisis Management and Business Continuity to overcome these threats.

In 2024, PROTECT will focus on the aftermath of the pandemic and the developments shaping the global security.

PROTECT 2024 is a trail-blazing event where stakeholders from all sectors and industry get to meet security specialists, think-tank experts and security enforcers. It is the only government-private sector partnership for security in the country.


June 28, 2024

New World Makati Hotel

Theme:   Rethinking Global Security: Geopolitical, Operational and Digital Challenges

PROTECT 2024 Conference Background

Tremendous challenges ushered the beginning of this decade - pandemic, economic collapse, a rush towards digitalization and dependence on the internet, political strifes around the world, a lot of social unrest, disruptive technologies and a surge in cyber attacks causing an alarming threat to the cyberworld. These developments led us to believe that a new global approach to SECURITY is evolving and must be encouraged and supported as a government - private sector partnership. Indeed, danger and damage to security now extend beyond military missions.

Against this backdrop, PROTECT 2024 will bring together policymakers, legislators, CEOs of various industries, financial institutions, academe, security experts, the military, scientists and all stakeholders of security in an atmosphere of cordial dialogue and network thinking.

Why Attend the PROTECT 2024 Conference?